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Thrive 2055

Input Incubators

Round 1 of the Input Incubators is complete!  We had more than 400 volunteers and participants from across the region and received over 1,100 comments.  The team is currently sorting through the input and working with the Working Groups to begin the Assessment.  

Round 1: Ideas incubated!

Bright IdeasThank you for joining us at one of the  Input Incubators across the Thrive 2055 region!

This is just the beginning!  Additional rounds of Meetings-In-A Box and Input Incubators are planned for Part 2 and 3 of the process.   

The compiled data from the Incubators can be downloaded and viewed by following the links below. The files are Microsoft Excel or PDF format.  Results are available for the written comments received and the results of the value polling exercise. 

Value Polling

At the launch of the process in the winter of 2012, we asked you what you loved about this region, and what were the most important things for us to focus on as a region.  We asked again through our first round of Meetings In a Box.  Through our website and the meetings we received hundreds of responses.  We took what we heard and crafted a series of value statements.  Which because of their source were things people in this region expressed as positive values.  We provided two opportunities for you to respond to these value statements and to confirm if they are in fact, widely held values in this region.  Below you can view the responses and results of both the live Input Incubator event, and the online polling which followed. 

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