Thrive 2055
Thrive 2055

The Process

The Coordinating Committee will be embarking on a 3-year planning process supported by teams of consultant and local agency staff.  The scope for the process sets out a series of work tasks, work products, and assignments of responsibilities. 

The planning process will be carried out in six phases over the 3-year period:  


Phase 1.A: Project Initiation-

Initiation of the project through a specific but flexible project plan, with outreach and value identification anticipated to begin in the second half of 2012;

Phase 1.B: Research and Analysis-

Organizing and presenting information in a compelling way that tells the regional story;

Phase 1 Objectives

  • Identify forces and trends shaping the region
  • Identify regional values (challenges and opportunities)
  • Assess ongoing and past efforts & successes of local and regional agencies
  • Identify practices other communities are using to deal with similar forces and trends

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